Elevator Capacity

Let’s sort cute characters so that total weight of them will be perfect for the max load of elevators!

‘Elevator Capacity’ is a simple addition puzzle game… but the later stages are pretty tough!

Let’s challenge the total 300 stages of begginers’, middle and advanced level!

Tips for puzzle out:
· Even if one elevator becomes perfect, it is not always the correct answer.
There may be other combinations of that weight.

· There is also a character with a weight of two or three characters.
For example, if there are 45kg and 50kg characters on a perfect elevator, you can replace them with a 95kg character and sort them into separate elevators.

· Let’s fine-tune after sorting by guesswork.
For example, if an elevator load is 198/200kg, it will be perfect if you can replace a character with another weighing 2kg heavier.

· If you got stuck …
Let’s look the answer from the pose menu and try again.
The combination of weight will change, but it might be easy to solve.

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