Darts 01 checkout calculator

This app calculates the targets to checkout 01 games of darts.
When you enter the remaining score that can be checkouted within 3 darts, a list of possible arrangements will be displayed.

Calculates and displays possible arrangements according to the specified option, not the general checkout table.
So it is not always that the best arrangement is displayed at the top.
But, we hope to help you discover the new arrangements.

A mini game that can practice checkout arrangements is also included as bonus.

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Elevator Capacity

Let’s sort cute characters so that total weight of them will be perfect for the max load of elevators!

‘Elevator Capacity’ is a simple addition puzzle game… but the later stages are pretty tough!

Let’s challenge the total 300 stages of begginers’, middle and advanced level!

Tips for puzzle out:
· Even if one elevator becomes perfect, it is not always the correct answer.
There may be other combinations of that weight.

· There is also a character with a weight of two or three characters.
For example, if there are 45kg and 50kg characters on a perfect elevator, you can replace them with a 95kg character and sort them into separate elevators.

· Let’s fine-tune after sorting by guesswork.
For example, if an elevator load is 198/200kg, it will be perfect if you can replace a character with another weighing 2kg heavier.

· If you got stuck …
Let’s look the answer from the pose menu and try again.
The combination of weight will change, but it might be easy to solve.

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Galaxy Blocks

Erase blocks like crazy!
Let’s compete high score with rivals around the world!!

· Tips for high score
1. Erase blocks quickly & continuously
Keep erasing blocks quickly, to become a combo and chance of high scores!
Winning score will increase gradually to 2 times, and 3 times by the combo bonus.
But try to be careful because it is lost combo, if you do not erase the next block during the display of the combo.

2. Erase same color blocks continuously
Additional combo occurs when you erase same color blocks continuously!
By multiplying with continuous combo, high score will grow more and more!!
Let’s take aim from color of the most numerous blocks in the first glance!

3. Upgrade
Upgrade with the point acquired by playing game or the bonus!
You can aim for a higher score!

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Galaxy Blocks





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Panels of the Dead

Welcome to the world of Panels of the Dead!
Experience the fear of the approaching zombies!

This game is a panel tap type puzzle game.
The goal is to defeat the zombies while paying attention to life and water and survive for as long as possible.

– Strategy by choosing weapons
Normally you consume life to defeat zombies by knife.
By acquiring ammo, you can defeat zombies by handgun without consuming life.
You can also use a machine gun or a grenade to strike horde of zombies.

– Change in visibility due to the passage of time in the game
Every time you tap a panel or use a weapon, the time in the game elapses.
Visibility gets worse at night, and distant panels become invisible.
You need a strategy like keeping supplies in the daytime, just like a zombie drama.

– Upgrade by points acquired
When the game is over, you can acquire points according to the time you survived and the number of defeated zombies.
You can use that point to increase the maximum value of life and water, gain skills, and be able to play the next game advantageously.

– Skills
Life, water, weapon enhancements and the other 4 categories a total of 41 kinds of skills are available.
Since the number of slots where skills can be set is limited, try searching for the strongest combination of yourself.

– Achievements
There are more than 300 achievements in 32 types, and you can earn bonus points by achieving it.

* As you upgrade it takes a long time for one game , but you can interrupt it at any time during the game and resume from the interruption data next time.

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