Archu’s Adventure

New sense automatic RPG presented with 3D graphics and AI!!
Let’s go to adventure with cute Archu!


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〜 Archu the wimp and crybaby.
“I wanna be more stronger!”
Archu decided to go on a journey of training.

Adventure that began with such a whim.
What is awaiting in future!? 〜

ArchuScreen1en ArchuScreen5en

Archu fights by judging on her own.
When she defeats an enemy, points will be collected.
Let’s enhance abilities by using the points.

ArchuScreen2en ArchuScreen3en

Furthermore by meeting specific conditions, Archu can transmigrate and get special abilities.


·Adventure tips
1. HP will be restored to full, when you enchance the Max HP.
Without using all points into enhancement, it would be a good idea to leave a few points for an emergency.

2. Archu are fighting even when you are not watching.
Points will be collected even when you don’t launch this app.
You do not see Archu for long, and she would rest because gets lonely easily.
So please go to see Archu once in a while!

3. When Archu is surrounded by strong enemies,
Open the menu without panic, and change Enemy LV.
Because it is a strange world, enemies seem to not chase.

4. Absolutely when you are in a pinch…
“Points are not enough to recover, though HP is running low!”
“Archu seems to not be fighting well!”
If this happens, just open the menu without panic, and let’s once back to the title screen.
There is no penalty even interrupt the adventure.
Right the situation, and let’s start the adventure again!

App Store Android app on Google Play